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Sungrace Pre Primary School

Popular English philosopher John Locke, in his work ‘An Essay Concerning Human Understanding’, stated that the mind of a newborn is like a clean slate without any content. Toddlers acquire knowledge about the world by accumulating information about different objects around them. The first learning experiences of a child, therefore, affects his physical and social-emotional development intensely. Hence, it is the duty of teachers to impart the right education to children from a tender age, so that they grow up to be responsible citizens of the world.

Psychologists claim that imparting early education to children between the ages of 3 and 5 is highly beneficial for their overall development. Preschools provide toddlers with a positive learning environment so that they can learn the basic life skills required to face the world with confidence. 

At Sungrace the Pre Primary Section consists of:

  • Play Group - 2 Yrs to 2.5 Yrs

  • Nursery - 3 Yrs - 3.5 Yrs

  • Jr Kg - 4 Yrs to 5.5 Yrs

  • Sr Kg - 5 Yrs to 5.5 Yrs

We focus on the complete physical, mental comprehensive ability of the child as this age is the core molding years of the child.

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